title: Russian colonialism 101

Maksym Eristavi

129x198 mm, 134 pp

1st edition ISBN 978-617-7948-34-5
2d edition ISBN 978-617-7948-35-2
3d edition ISBN 978-617-7948-42-0

For years, Ukrainian journalist Maksym Eristavi has been mainstreaming the global awareness about the legacy of Russian colonialism. A few days before Russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, he started a Twitter thread listing all Russian colonial invasions over the last century and highlighting one specific pattern that they all went by. The post has gone viral and is now dubbed the “mother of all Russian colonialism tweets.” Together with a group of Ukrai- nian artists, Eristavi transformed it into an illustrated pocket guide to the 48 most recent invasions of Russian colonialism — to bring everyone’s attention to a pattern of serial behavior by the largest colonial empire.

artists:Sergiy Maidukov, Alisa Gots, Nikita Kravtsov, Nataliia Kozeko,           Danyl Shtangeev, Natasha Steshenko, Ave Libertatemaveamor

art director:
Sergiy Maidukov

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